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Apr 4, 12:06 am

Sim City vs Real Life


Sim City vs Real Life


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Which Simcity server is adequate for me?

5:13 am, August 29, 2014 I started playing Simcity again and I live in Houston,TX but I would like to know which is the fastest server for me, I prefer servers that are neither full or empty all the time but I don't know if I [..] View

Simcity 4 Utopia: Ep. 1

5:13 am, August 29, 2014 submitted by yeallo [link] [comment] View

New 'Highway Interchange' Video!

5:13 am, August 29, 2014 submitted by haljackey [link] [comment] View

SimCity 2013 is on sale a lot of places. Is it worth buying?

5:13 am, August 29, 2014 I have some friends that are interested as well. I don't really care about being always online or needing to use Origin, but have the other issues been taken care of? (This would be my first city buil [..] View

SimCity 2013 is a fun game!

5:13 am, August 29, 2014 Hello Reddit, my name is George. I have been a long time lurker here on r/SimCtiy but don't usually post anything. There are some awesome content here from the community and people that just love the [..] View

What is the Antarctica server and is modding only for offline? I would like to know more about modding :)

5:13 am, August 29, 2014 Hello, I am new to Simcity 5 (2013) and I would like to know if modding is only possible if I play offline or if it is also possible while connected to a server? (online) I would also like to know wha [..] View

Simcity need friends

5:13 pm, August 28, 2014 i need friends to play simcity with i am learning and would like to talk to so people over chat about the game and stuff. My Origin ID is Bennett_III please hit me up submitted by Bennett_III [link [..] View

Help with project orion

5:13 pm, August 28, 2014 I can't seem to make this mod work, I downloaded it, extracted it, copied it to simcity data folder, started a new city on a new region, save the game, quot simcity, restated it and nothing. What am I [..] View

Way to make connections on Discovery Delta?

5:13 am, August 28, 2014 Heya fellers! Does anyone know if there ids a way to connect all of the plots on Discovery Delta? I'd like to gift out some money from one of my cities but right now we seem to not be able to get any [..] View

Unnanounced City builder

5:13 am, August 28, 2014 I have begun work on laying the groundwork for a city builder. Without giving out too many details, I have the concept on paper and wanted to gather some feedback. I am looking at attempting a randoml [..] View

any modders working on map size?

5:13 am, August 28, 2014 we now have slightly bigger map size (thanks to modders) but is there any chance later on that we can have bigger map sizes or perhaps the entire region area to build on? submitted by zzongstar [li [..] View

SC4 not starting on Windows 8.1

5:13 am, August 28, 2014 Has anyone else had an issue with SC4 on Win 8.1 ? No matter how I try to start it, be it from the desktop icon or directly out of Steam, and icon appears for a moment on the taskbar and then disappea [..] View

Help with SimCity

5:13 am, August 28, 2014 Hey guys, so I've had the SimCity 2013 new game for a few months but I never really played it much. I've been having some troubles such as my city kept demanding more residential or industrial, even t [..] View

SimCity, I wish I could love you, but my heart belongs to SC4

5:13 am, August 27, 2014 interest in the SimCity franchise began with a SC3000 demo from a PC Magazine CD (yes, that old), after having watched a review on an old Discovery en Español TV Show (Vida@Linea) a [..] View

SimCity: Heaven Vs. Hell of the Future - Part 1: Mispellings

5:13 am, August 27, 2014 submitted by AnarchyofAdam [link] [1 comment] View

Reinstalled SimCity. Disappointed.

5:13 pm, August 26, 2014 So, I bought (and was ridiculously disappointed) this at launch and have had it uninstalled until this past weekend, when I got a sim itch. Reinstalled and have been playing since -- did they actually [..] View

SC4 player - Gave 2 hours of the SimCity 2013 trial a go, it didn't go well (Condensed to 20 minutes)

5:13 pm, August 26, 2014 submitted by OnTheMirrorsEdge [link] [comment] View

"Ringworld", an exercise in overlapping freestanding bridges

7:26 am, August 26, 2014 submitted by haveblue70 [link] [3 comments] View

New to Simcity 2013 and have a question

5:13 am, August 26, 2014 Right so I just picked up simcity last weekend, and am finally getting a chance to sit down and play it! It's cool so far, but my cities keep having issues with traffic mainly. My question is: is ther [..] View

Looking for a mod: possiby a garbage facility (SimCity4)

5:13 am, August 26, 2014 Hi, I would like to identify which mod would give me the facility with freight carriages that can be seen in this picture: Thanks in advance! submitted by ashtaraa [l [..] View

My region is coming together

5:13 pm, August 25, 2014

News on upcoming and updated tycoon games

5:13 am, August 25, 2014 submitted by Zhatt [link] [comment] View

Traffic generators for SimCity 4

5:13 am, August 25, 2014 I'm looking for a traffic generator for my cities, something that adds extra cars for screenshots and videos to cities that are mostly plopped by hand. A Reddit search doesn't turn up anything and mos [..] View

Cities: Skylines - a request with regards to modding

5:13 am, August 25, 2014 Dear Paradox, Please don't allow modders to use dependencies in Cities: Skylines. I know it sounds like a jerk move, limiting the 'freedom' of modders, but once you've gone through the pain of setting [..] View

Slow country, based on rural Central Washington

5:13 am, August 25, 2014


5:13 pm, August 24, 2014 Hi! I dont really understand the tax system in SimCity 5 because it doesnt seem realistic to me according to my knowledge about taxing. in fact it seems to be the opposite. :) First of all, im from No [..] View

Take a ride on the bullet train!

5:13 pm, August 24, 2014 submitted by haljackey [link] [1 comment] View

Built the arcology, what now

5:13 pm, August 24, 2014 I built the arcology, cut the ribbon and provided the resources and workers, I still have worker shortage, tourism didn't improve, what's the deal? submitted by apsu2012 [link] [1 comment] View

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow is 60% off on Origin - Is it worth getting?

5:13 am, August 24, 2014 I'm kind of unsure. Regarding content it seems pretty ''meh'' and another game I want is Red Alert 3 which is on sale over at Green Man Gaming. submitted by ZyreHD [link] [14 comments] View

Simcity 4 or Simcity 2013?

5:13 pm, August 23, 2014 I know this question has been posed somewhat in this subreddit already, but most of them are months to a year old, so with the game how it is now and having not played a Simcity since 2000, which is t [..] View

Police/fire/med drones in a town without omega

5:13 am, August 23, 2014 I have a town that has omega but want to have my emergency stuff in a sep town, is there a way to get them to have drones? submitted by zidey [link] [comment] View

Major Garbage & recycling problem/bug

5:13 am, August 23, 2014 I have a city With 331.000 inhabitants in SimCity 5. They produce 130.000 recycling and 25.000 Garbage that arent being picked up. I have 1 recyclingcenter With 16 trucks and 1 garbagedump With 16 tru [..] View

Simcity 5 - Are the bugs fixed yet?

5:13 pm, August 22, 2014 I was looking forward to simcity 5 but did not get it yet because of the major bugs / problems. Word when it came out was that (at least some of the) fixes would be in the future. It's now the future. [..] View

Hilarious black guy plays SimCity 4

5:13 am, August 22, 2014 submitted by mrerictran [link] [comment] View

What is The Universim?

5:13 pm, August 21, 2014 submitted by Udontlikecake [link] [5 comments] View

Cities SkyLines AMA Answers 8/20/2014

5:13 am, August 21, 2014 Instead of doing point by point comparisons I'll paint in broad strokes. Our cities are big 36km2 We ship with mod tools We generally focus more on systems/features than on visuals. Districts - you pa [..] View

A request from my dog and I.

5:13 pm, August 20, 2014 We need your help. She goes nuts whenever I plop my residential (doorbell). It was kind of funny the first 50 times, but now we're slowly losing our sanity. I'd like to keep my SFX on, just without th [..] View

Do I need a tool or something to mod SimCity 5?

5:13 am, August 20, 2014 I'm new to pc gaming and have never modded before. How do I mod SimCity? can someone link a video or explain how to do it? submitted by TH3USAF76 [link] [1 comment] View

Constant air traffic noises. Very annoying!

5:13 am, August 20, 2014 Is there any way to get rid of the constant air traffic noises of planes passing by? I think it's a bug but I'm not sure. Either way it needs to stop. Looking for anything, a mod, .ini tweak, or whate [..] View

Anyone using Raptr?

5:13 am, August 20, 2014 I read a post awhile ago about people experiencing graphics card crashes in SimCity (for me, that means the screen goes blank, graphics card fans spin up to 100%, and a hard power off is required). I [..] View

Free/Creative Commons music like SimCity?

5:13 am, August 19, 2014 Does anyone know of any free use music that sound like SimCity? I'm looking for that feel that influences one to construct, build, and drive creativity like SimCity's OST does. Like this: http://youtu [..] View

Looking for Regions to Join

5:13 am, August 19, 2014 Just bought SimCity 2013 and am looking for regions to join. Have some experience with it, more looking for the fun of playing with other people rather than trying to build my Great Works alone and bu [..] View

Sim City Mod Recommendations Needed

5:13 am, August 19, 2014 Hi guys I just noticed that my copy of SC4 on steam has come over to the Mac and since I am away from my desktop computer and have a mac here were I am doing some work I was wondering if I could get s [..] View

worth buying simcity for multiplayer?

5:13 am, August 19, 2014 i finally got my own debit card so i can spend money online now do you think it is worth spending money on simcity 5 for multiplayer only? was planning on buying two copies, one for me and one for my [..] View

Building an Oil City (SC2013) Part 5: New City, New Hype

5:13 pm, August 18, 2014 submitted by capton2020 [link] [comment] View

SimCity Offline & Unleashed #19 ►The '1024' Problem◀ SimCity 5 (2013)

5:13 am, August 18, 2014 submitted by Skyestorme3 [link] [1 comment] View

Simcity on Mac without a PC

5:13 am, August 18, 2014 I want to buy the SimCity PC physical copy. Is it possible to download the mac version via the activation code which comes with the SimCity PC copy without having it run once on a PC? submitted by h [..] View

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