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Apr 4, 12:06 am

Sim City vs Real Life


Sim City vs Real Life


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Stuttering issues with new graphics card.

5:13 am, July 29, 2014 Hey, Trying to play Sim City 2013, can you help me? So I recently bought a new graphics card Radeon R920X and ever since using this I have been experiencing weird stuttering issues ingame. Every few [..] View

Building an Ore City (SC2013) Part 4: Destroying Ore Mines

5:13 am, July 29, 2014 submitted by capton2020 [link] [2 comments] View

[Let's Play] SimCity 2000 DOS - "Unclogging **** Valley"

5:13 pm, July 28, 2014 submitted by CotRA [link] [1 comment] View

I cant up the building density

5:13 am, July 28, 2014 The houses in my city wont get their density up ever. If they do they go up and stay. I've put schools, police, clinics, fire stations, parks, and they do nothing. I know you have to make them want to [..] View

I've never played any SimCity game before and I don't know where to start!

5:13 am, July 28, 2014 I've always thought they looked pretty cool, I just never got around to getting any of the games. Which would be the best one to start with to get me into it? submitted by sammierose12 [link] [4 co [..] View

Just re-downloaded SimCity (2013) - What's changed since release?

5:13 am, July 28, 2014 So, as the title says.. is anyone able to put into a simple post the major (good) things that have changed since release?.. I know it's single player but can't seem to find info on the big differences [..] View

Building an Ore City (SC2013) Part 3: Goals and WB

5:13 am, July 28, 2014 submitted by capton2020 [link] [comment] View

Looking for a certain sidewalk and texture mod

5:13 am, July 28, 2014 I am looking for this texture and sidewalk mod that give it more European appearance. It look like this So, know what they're called? Thanks! submitted by WolfGuy100 [link] [1 comment] View

A Look at Other People's Mods #9: Parklets by Yayie

5:13 am, July 28, 2014 submitted by capton2020 [link] [comment] View

A Look at Other People's Mods #10: SimCity Decoration Pack by Danny50205

5:13 am, July 28, 2014 submitted by capton2020 [link] [comment] View

Trippy corridor

5:13 am, July 28, 2014

Something i don't understand

5:13 pm, July 26, 2014 I add parks to get happiness, which means i have to increase taxes. People get mad about the high taxes. I turn off parks to lower taxes. People are unhappy i turned off the parks... I just don't get [..] View

My First Try at a 'Realistic' Town

5:13 pm, July 26, 2014

Mod Packs?

5:13 am, July 26, 2014 With all the new mods popping up it is getting harder to find, install, and update mods. A mod pack would eliminate this issue by organizing mods by category such as decor mods. submitted by longmvu [..] View

Night time is the right time

5:13 pm, July 25, 2014

SimCity w/ Mods - S2 E1 - Now with More Mods!

5:13 am, July 25, 2014 submitted by ZZman2000 [link] [comment] View

Simoleons 1st Place!

5:13 am, July 25, 2014

Serious question - When will maxis remove city borders?

5:13 pm, July 24, 2014 Iv'e just got back into the game after so so many months to play single player (which is great!) but I'm surprised to see that the city zones are still extremely small. I'm also wondering why there is [..] View

SC4: Help with finding soundtrack files

5:13 am, July 24, 2014 I'm trying to find and extract the SimCity 4 soundtrack. This isn't so complicated a task, except I run the game on a Windows VM on a Mac (where it is part of my Steam library, if that matters). I've [..] View

Game starts just fine, then tints blue?

5:13 am, July 24, 2014 I recently got SimCity because I loved 4 and now this has offline. So when I'm playing the game will randomly tint blue. I've lowered the graphical settings and messed around, but nothing helps. The g [..] View

I downloaded a torrent of Sim City 4 for OS Mavericks, but it doesn't seem to want to start? Any help guys?

5:13 pm, July 23, 2014 Here is the link: I click on the icon and it kind of jumps up and down for longer than expected, and then it stops. It says the application is running, because I eventually have to force quit it, but [..] View

Simtropolis forums hacked

5:13 pm, July 23, 2014 2 days ago simtropolis forums were hacked, don't go there, but please inform those who take care of that site and forums to remedy the situations and improve security. submitted by Jinassi [link] [ [..] View

[Let's Play] SimCity 2000 DOS - "**** Valley Floods!"

5:13 pm, July 23, 2014 submitted by CotRA [link] [comment] View

Elevated Train (SimCity 2013) bugging

5:13 pm, July 23, 2014 Before the 10.2 update it worked fine, now however, while I can place the station over the roads (avenue/high density etc) I can't connect the track up to the station. The green connection points don' [..] View

Sim city 5 - Self control

5:13 am, July 23, 2014 submitted by Heronidass [link] [16 comments] View

My thoughts on why SimCity 2013 isn’t as fun as SimCity 4

5:13 am, July 23, 2014 It is very simple, for me at least. The developers obsessed about all the wrong things. People who play SimCity are control freaks, lets admit that. We are such control freaks we are not happy with co [..] View


5:13 pm, July 22, 2014 anyone wanna play together if you do try looking for my region on north america west 1 if not add me LMxakxjoker submitted by lmxakaxjoker [link] [comment] View

Will there be another Patch ?

5:13 am, July 22, 2014 I tried it again with simcity the last few days... Will there be another fix ? Transportation doesnt work an i have 3 schools but only 200 people picked up by busses... its unplayable still. Did they [..] View

The Mass transit and Education bugs - Fixed yet? Or a mod that fixes it?

5:13 am, July 22, 2014 Hey guys, I've been away for a few months but secretly stalking the subreddit, looking at all the cool stuff people are making. Quick question: What's the status of mass transit? I always had problems [..] View

Project Orion Mirror?

5:13 am, July 22, 2014 I hit my limit for downloads today on the Simtropolis forums (I think that feature is stupid), and I really want Project Orion. Is there somewhere else I can download it? submitted by Mcgreenerman [..] View

Mod download issues [2013]

5:13 pm, July 21, 2014 Hi, I am having issues with downloading the UDON Uni Directional Networks mod. Could someone provide a link that isn't from simtropolis, as it seems to not be working for me. I tried IE, Firefox and C [..] View

FAQ: How to download and install mods? SimCity2013

5:13 pm, July 21, 2014 FAQ 1) Where to download mods? 2) I can't download mods, it keeps redirecting me to the main page!? (insert vulgarities here) As simple as this may sound, all you need to do is REGIS [..] View

The bug that finally broke me from SimCity5

5:13 pm, July 21, 2014 It finally broke me. SimCity5 has always felt like an unrefined, amateur game, a product of Maxis who are so much capable of doing so much better. But I still enjoy it, especially playing a private re [..] View

Mod organization

5:13 pm, July 19, 2014 Im a very organized person, and I love how easy it is installing mods for simcity. So I was wondering if I could create a folder in the citydata folder for each mod? Not sure if itll still recognize t [..] View

I just installed Project Orion, and I love the extended boundaries, just one thing.

5:13 pm, July 19, 2014 I hate that the roads outside the original boundaries are blocked by the trees. Moreso, the tree removing tool in Parks > Nature doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any solutions. Anyone know a [..] View

Of all the UDI Videos I have made over the years, this one is my favorite

5:13 am, July 19, 2014 submitted by haljackey [link] [comment] View

The Power of Project Orion: Orion River Valley Megacity in motion!

5:13 am, July 19, 2014 submitted by intheyear3ooo [link] [1 comment] View

Problems with Project Akar :(

5:13 pm, July 18, 2014 Nothing shows up. Help please :( It is like that to all the new categories including roads... submitted by Jobnm [link] [1 comment] View

Question about the capability of mods and simcity 5

5:13 pm, July 18, 2014 So of course the biggest issue with sc5 is the simulation issues. Out of curiosity, is that something modders are able to access? Obviously it would take tons of work to sort this stuff out, but is it [..] View

UDON mirror?

5:13 am, July 18, 2014 It would seem that the udon download page ( has broken links. Could anyone host t [..] View

These cities are too effing small.

5:13 am, July 18, 2014 Is there a cheat or mod or something to make regions bigger? I can't fit all the thing I want to fit in my city. And when the demand for residential housing is still overwhelming but my city is fill [..] View

SimCity 5 - my region has been abandoned.

5:13 pm, July 17, 2014 I have recently resumed playing SimCity and had a city I was fairly fond of in an online region. Since it has expanded quite a bit, I was thinking of building something in the Great Works lot, which i [..] View

Do Maglev tracks not do bridges?

5:13 am, July 17, 2014 Or am I doing something wrong? I try raising/lowering and it doesnt work ._. Even trying to bypass the road it still gives a weird dip :/ submitted by vallexum [link] [3 co [..] View

RCL advice please!

5:13 am, July 17, 2014 Do you guys have any advice on blanching RCL? I can't seem to get any of it right. There is always either a crazy shortage of workers or 5k jobs available. Also, I can never seem to satisfy the balan [..] View

In sandbox mode, buildings are still locked due to "not approved"

5:13 am, July 17, 2014 How do I unlock all the buildings? Even in Sandbox mode, I still need to connect the road to the highway to be allowed to build power plants, etc. It's really annoying. How do I unlock all the buildin [..] View

Over 1 year later: Is it still that bad?

5:13 pm, July 16, 2014 I'd just like to say to everybody that never bought the game and think it's still awful, it's freaking amazing. Yes, the servers were troubled at first, but they've fixed that now and it's amazing. Al [..] View

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